Experience the story behind your food.


Our Vision


Breaking from the modern perception of food as a commodity, KAKAXI strives to connect farmers with consumers to help bring the story behind our food to the table. By building value and community around our food, KAKAXI will nurture an appreciation for sustainable farming in current and future generations.


"Farm to Table" Social Network

KAKAXI is a new social networking service that connects farmers and consumers.

Through this social network, farmers will be able to speak directly to their consumers and share information about their farm. In turn, consumers will be able to share their experiences preparing and eating the food.


Gateway to the Farm

KAKAXI’s farm monitoring device transmits on-farm information to consumers through time-lapse video and farm-data illustrations. Users benefit from increased transparency and gain a better appreciation for their food.


Sharing a Big Table

KAKAXI allows users to share photos and recipes stimulating consumer connection by promoting our common interest in good food. Eating with others taste better.


Smart Scarecrow for Free

Powered by the Sun and using bluetooth technology, the Kakaxi smart-farm device is maintenance free and costs nothing to farmer. Kakaxi automatically knows when farmer is nearby and transmits farm-vitals to mobile device. Kakaxi will be provided to farmers rent-free.

Spec overview
-Internal camera captures time-lapsed photos
-Records temperature, moisture, & sunlight
-Automated data transmission via Bluetooth & iBeacon
-Operates on solar power alone
-Dimensions: 70mm (W) x 70mm (D) x 170mm (H)
-Approximate weight: 500g